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bilẹ̄ven v.(2)
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(a) Theol. To believe (in a doctrine, in God, etc.); -- with in, on, upon, to, into phrase; (b) to profess (a deity).
Theol. To profess a faith or religion; be a believer in, or adherent of, a faith, esp. of Christianity; ben bilevand.
To accept (a statement, a doctrine, etc.) as valid or true; accept (sth.) as authoritative; ~ autorité; take (sth.) to be a fact; -- often with that clause.
(a) To give credence (to sb. or sth.), have confidence (in sth.); -- with in, on, to phrase; (b) ~ the wers, to have less faith or credulity.
(a) To have (a certain) opinion or conviction; think, believe; (b) to expect (to do sth.).