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tīdī adj.
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Note: Cp. tit(e adj.
(a) Timely, opportune; also, convenient; (b) of fruit: ripening early in season; (c) ?late; ?seasonable.
Possessed of desirable qualities: brave, valiant; skillful, able; virtuous, diligent, upright; also, as noun: valiant persons.
(a) Well developed, healthy; of a seed: likely to grow into healthy crops, hardy; also, as noun: healthy-looking animals; (b) of a piece of land: fair, bountiful; of soil: fertile; (c) fine, beautiful, well wrought.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

Note: Add caveat: the form tīdẹ̄ might also end with a short -e and belong to tid adj. (none of the examples is in rhyme position, so one cannot tell).--per REL