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thanken v.
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(a) To give thanks;—also in passive construction [last quot.]; (b) to give thanks (to sb., God); give thanks (to sb. or someone's goodness, etc. for sth.); also, with that clause: give thanks (to sb. that sth. occurred, etc.); (c) ppl. thankinge as adj.: appreciative of benefits received or services rendered, grateful.
(a) To give thanks to (sb.) [in early quots. the obj. is freq. in the dat. case]; also iron. [quot. a1420]; ich) thanke you; (b) to give thanks to (sb. or someone's goodness, honorableness, etc. that he did sth., that sth. occurred, etc.); (c) ~ of (for), to give thanks to (sb., someone's love, kindness, etc.) for (sb. or sth.); also, give thanks to (sth.) because of (sth.) [quot. c1500]; with that clause: thank (sb.) for (his goodness, loyalty, etc. in that he chose to do sth.); (d) to give thanks to (sb., God's mercy, God's grace) for (sth.) [in early quots. the 2nd obj. is usu. in the gen. case]; also with hit or that as 2nd obj. and noun clause (usu. beginning with that) in apposition; also with hit as 2nd obj. and for or of phrase in apposition; (e) in pious ejaculations and exclamations: ich thanke hit god, thanked (be) god, etc.; (f) to give thanks to or for (God's grace, someone's generosity, etc.); also iron. [quot. a1420]; also, express gratitude for (sth.) [last 2 quots.]; ~ goddes sonde(s [see sond(e n. 1.(c)].
(a) To rejoice with someone; wish joy (to sb.); wish (sb.) joy, congratulate, rejoice with; also [1st quot.], ?rejoice (with sb.); ?error for stonden v.; ~ togeder [cp. togeder-thanken v.]; (b) ~ for (in, to), to rejoice at (sth.).
In misc. senses: (a) to hold (sb.) responsible for (sth.); (b) to praise (sth.), extol the merits of; (c) glossing L accurare: ?to be solicitous toward (sb.), attend to.