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tē̆ld(e n.
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Note: Cp. iteld n.
(a) A temporary dwelling, tent; also, a permanent dwelling, castle, fort, hut, etc.; also, God's dwelling place; godes ~; ~ stede, a dwelling place, home; under ~, under (someone's) roof, within the house; also, ?privately [quot. c1450(a1425)]; hiden under teldes, to shelter (sheep); (b) a canopy or an awning over a boat; also, material or a piece of material for such an awning; (c) ?a portable cage for the transport of hawks; ?the fabric covering under which hawks are carried; (d) ?a stiff cloth used in a tent or canopy, ?haircloth; (e) in place name [see Smith PNElem.2.177].

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • (1463-4) Acc.Howard in RC 57251 : Item..for a tylt bote to London, for my mastyr, iiij.d.
  • (1464) Acc.Howard in RC 57252 : Item, the sayd day payd for a tylt bote to London, iiij.d.
  • Note: NF
    Note: Needed for date.
    Note: Quots belong in sense 3.(b): ~ bot.