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biggen v.
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(a) To dwell or live (in a place, among people), reside; inhabit (the Earth); ben bigged, have lodging; (b) ~ bour, to establish (head)quarters; refl. establish oneself (in a location); (c) to stay or remain (in a place); reside (in sb.); (d) ~ in pais, remain peaceful.
(a) To build (a house, a bridge, etc.); erect (a tent); lay out or build (a city); bigged, of a country: built up; (b) ~ ayen, ~ neue, to build again or anew, rebuild; (c) ppl. as n.: a builder; (d) bigged of, formed by or consisting of (sth.).
(a) To establish or found (a city, a kingdom, an organization, etc.); ~ first; (b) to create (sth.).
(a) To form or create (sth.); (b) to further or edify (sb., the mind).