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tannen v.
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(a) To cure (skins, hides, leather, etc.) with an infusion of tanbark; ppl. tanned, preserved by tanning; (b) ppl. tanned as adj.: tan in color.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • ?a1425 Glo.34.Add Stain.Recipes (Glo 34 Add.) 225/10 : Forto make tand colour. Tac blew and ley on þi cloth, and wanne hit is drie ley þeron red.
  • a1500 Pmb-O.21 Artist.Recipes (Pmb-O 21) 272/32 : To mak tanyd water, take blew and ley on þe cloþe, and wen it is drey ley on red to the blew.
  • Note: Additional quotes, sense (b).
    Note: New spellings.
    Note: See similar recipes under tauni adj., sense (a).