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tak n.(2)
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(a) A fee paid to a lord or the king for the right to let swine feed in a forest or on a piece of land; a customary fee for the right to keep swine; ~ and tol, tol and ~; ~ fre, not subject to such a fee; ~ swine, a commuted rent paid for swine; gras takes, rent for pasturing hogs; shepes ~, a pasture rent for sheep; thistel ~, q.v.; taken to ~, to allow (animals) to feed on a piece of land for a fee; (b) ?income from a customary fee paid for the right to fish at a weir; (c) the act or fact of renting property; bi purchase or bi ~; (d) ~ man, an official charged with collecting rents and performing minor duties for the manorial court; also as surname.