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surfē̆t n.
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Overindulgence, excess; immoderate behavior; an instance of immoderate behavior; also, loquacity, talkativeness [quot. a1449 Lydg.Cock]; ~ of biinge, profligacy.
(a) Overindulgence in food or drink, immoderation, gluttony; the sin of gluttony; also person.; ~ in (of), overindulgence in (food and drink, eating or drinking, etc.); don ~; (b) an instance of overindulgence in food or drink.
(a) An excess quantity, a surplus, superfluity; a superfluous thing; (b) an excessive quantity of food or drink; an overabundance of food within the body; also, a morbidity arising from such overabundance, a physiological derangement [last quot.].
(a) A misdeed, transgression, crime; an error, a fault; (b) a wrong, harm, an injury.

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Note: Med., etc., see further J.Norri, Dictionary of Medical Vocabulary, s.v. surfeit.