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bidden v.
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Note: Cp. beden.
To ask, beg, or plead for (sth.); ~ bone, make a plea or request; ~ mildse, merci, beg for mercy; ~ grith, sue for peace; ~ leve, beg leave, ask for permission; ~ mede, tax, beg alms, ask for reward; -- also with of phrase of the person addressed.
To request, beg, or beseech (sb.); -- with clause or inf. phrase of the thing asked for; also with swa, as.
To request or beg (sth. of sb.).
To make a plea or request.
(a) To pray, say a prayer; -- intr. or refl. (early); also with to phrase of the deity or saint addressed; (b) ~ bede, bene, bone, orisoun, praier, to say a prayer; ~ a pater noster, say the Lord's Prayer; etc.; (c) to pray (for sb.).
To address a prayer or entreaty to (God, a saint); supplicate, pray; also, worship; -- also with obj. (early, gen.), of phrase, obj. clause, or inf. phrase of the thing asked for.
To pray for (sth.); ~ are, bote, grace, merci, etc.; -- with obj. (early, gen.) or obj. clause; also with at, upon, to phrase of the deity addressed.
(a) To go begging, ask for charity; (b) ~ mete, to beg for a livelihood, live on charity; ~ almes, ask for alms; (c) to ask (sb.) for alms.
To demand, prescribe, or order (sth.); ~ husting, call a meeting of councilors; -- (a) with obj.; (b) with two objs.; (c) with obj. clause; (d) with inf. phrase, without or with to; (e) alone.
To direct or urge (sb.); require, command, order, bid (sb. to do sth.); -- (a) with inf. phrase, without or with to; (b) with obj. clause.
(a) as ye bad, as you requested, directed, urged, or ordered; etc.; (b) as he bad me, as he directed or ordered me; etc.; (c) him was biden, he was requested or ordered (to do sth.); etc.
(a) To advise or urge (sb. to do sth.); -- with clause or inf. phrase; (b) to suggest (that sth. be done); -- with inf. phrase; (c) to suggest (sth.); admonish (sb.); (d) ~ forth, to urge (sb.) on.
To invite (sb.); ~ to mete, ask to dinner; ~ (to) gestninge, offer hospitality.
(a) To offer (sth.) as a gift or in exchange, give; ~ worthshipe, do (sb.) an honor; (b) to deliver (a blow); ~ bak, turn (one's) back, flee; ~ cheke, offer (the other) cheek; (c) to offer or pledge (loyalty); ~ oth, pledge on oath; ~ hond, pledge in hand; etc.; (d) to offer to fight (sb.), challenge; ~ bataille, fight.
(a) To seek, desire, or wish (sth.); ~ thrift, wish good luck, bless; (b) to wish or intend (to do sth.).
In salutations: bidden farewel, ~ adieu, to say goodbye; also, take leave of (sth.), give up; ~ god morow, say good morning; etc.
To indicate or tell (sth. to sb.), point out.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • ?a1425(?a1350) Castleford Chron.(Göt Hist 740)22455 : He bade þan to mutu marcelle Þat sone he sulde him hie to helle And telle vnto quintiliane Qwam he within þe tentes had slane: 'Britons abundes on þis maner With manaces and rosinges þis yiere.'
  • Note: New phrase: ~ to, to declare (to sb. that sth. is the case); to command (sb. to do sth.);--with obj. clause or inf. phrase (without to) of the thing declared or commanded.
  • ?a1425(?a1350) Castleford Chron.(Göt Hist 740)23569 : Þe corses of his enemies ilkane..King arthur þoru reuth and pite He had of so gret number to se, To þe contre folk he bade him selfe Anens þar state þai sulde þam delfe.
  • Note: New phrase: ~ to, to command (sb. that sth. be done);--with obj. clause.
  • ?a1425(?a1350) Castleford Chron.(Göt Hist 740)27293 : Kyng alaine bade to cadwaladre Obeis to his celestiene fadre.
  • Note: New phrase: ~ to, to entreat (sb. to do sth.);--with inf. phrase without 'to'.--notes per MLL

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • (1440) Capgr.St.Norb.(Hnt HM 55)2859 : Before þe emperour þei were..Many causes gunne þei bete and tred, But þe first of alle..to chese..A holy man.
  • Note: New form (if it is this word): Also..bete.
    Note: 'bete' = 'put forward.' Closest sense I could find in MED is bidden v. 1c. or 1d. No such form found in form section.--notes per MG
    Note: Perhaps this word belongs to batten v. (senses formerly treated under bāten v.(2), closest in meaning to sense 2.(b)). Gloss: to discuss (an issue), debate. (Alternatively, this may be a new entry, an apheretic form of dēbāten v.(1))--per MLL