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bidden v.
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Note: Cp. beden.
To ask, beg, or plead for (sth.); ~ bone, make a plea or request; ~ mildse, merci, beg for mercy; ~ grith, sue for peace; ~ leve, beg leave, ask for permission; ~ mede, tax, beg alms, ask for reward; -- also with of phrase of the person addressed.
To request, beg, or beseech (sb.); -- with clause or inf. phrase of the thing asked for; also with swa, as.
To request or beg (sth. of sb.).
To make a plea or request.
(a) To pray, say a prayer; -- intr. or refl. (early); also with to phrase of the deity or saint addressed; (b) ~ bede, bene, bone, orisoun, praier, to say a prayer; ~ a pater noster, say the Lord's Prayer; etc.; (c) to pray (for sb.).
To address a prayer or entreaty to (God, a saint); supplicate, pray; also, worship; -- also with obj. (early, gen.), of phrase, obj. clause, or inf. phrase of the thing asked for.
To pray for (sth.); ~ are, bote, grace, merci, etc.; -- with obj. (early, gen.) or obj. clause; also with at, upon, to phrase of the deity addressed.
(a) To go begging, ask for charity; (b) ~ mete, to beg for a livelihood, live on charity; ~ almes, ask for alms; (c) to ask (sb.) for alms.
To demand, prescribe, or order (sth.); ~ husting, call a meeting of councilors; -- (a) with obj.; (b) with two objs.; (c) with obj. clause; (d) with inf. phrase, without or with to; (e) alone.
To direct or urge (sb.); require, command, order, bid (sb. to do sth.); -- (a) with inf. phrase, without or with to; (b) with obj. clause.
(a) as ye bad, as you requested, directed, urged, or ordered; etc.; (b) as he bad me, as he directed or ordered me; etc.; (c) him was biden, he was requested or ordered (to do sth.); etc.
(a) To advise or urge (sb. to do sth.); -- with clause or inf. phrase; (b) to suggest (that sth. be done); -- with inf. phrase; (c) to suggest (sth.); admonish (sb.); (d) ~ forth, to urge (sb.) on.
To invite (sb.); ~ to mete, ask to dinner; ~ (to) gestninge, offer hospitality.
(a) To offer (sth.) as a gift or in exchange, give; ~ worthshipe, do (sb.) an honor; (b) to deliver (a blow); ~ bak, turn (one's) back, flee; ~ cheke, offer (the other) cheek; (c) to offer or pledge (loyalty); ~ oth, pledge on oath; ~ hond, pledge in hand; etc.; (d) to offer to fight (sb.), challenge; ~ bataille, fight.
(a) To seek, desire, or wish (sth.); ~ thrift, wish good luck, bless; (b) to wish or intend (to do sth.).
In salutations: bidden farewel, ~ adieu, to say goodbye; also, take leave of (sth.), give up; ~ god morow, say good morning; etc.
To indicate or tell (sth. to sb.), point out.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • ?a1425(?a1350) Castleford Chron.(Göt Hist 740)22455 : He bade þan to mutu marcelle Þat sone he sulde him hie to helle And telle vnto quintiliane Qwam he within þe tentes had slane.
  • ?a1425(?a1350) Castleford Chron.(Göt Hist 740)27293 : Kyng alaine bade to cadwaladre Obeis to his celestiene fadre.
  • Note: AQ
  • ?a1425(?a1350) Castleford Chron.(Göt Hist 740)23569 : To þe contre folk he bade him selfe Anens þar state þai sulde þam delfe.
  • Note: ?refl. or pl.
  • (1440) Capgr.St.Norb.(Hnt HM 55)2859 : Before þe emperour..Many causes gunne þei bete and tred.
  • Note: NF, if this word
    Note: Per MG: = put forward. Closest sense I could find in MED is bidden v. 1c. or 1d. No such form found in form section.