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sūdārī(e n.
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(a) A cloth commonly used to wipe sweat, tears, etc. from the face, a handkerchief; also fig.; (b) the cloth of St. Veronica, on which an image of Christ's face was believed to be imprinted.
(a) A piece of linen used in Biblical times to wrap the head of a corpse before burial; (b) the piece of linen used to wrap Christ's head before his burial; (c) a eucharistic cloth or veil, specif. a pall, a corporal that folds over the chalice, or a chalice veil; ?also, a veil for the ciborium [last quot., 2nd occurrence].

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • c1450(1438) GLeg.Paula (GiL28) (Eg 876) 138/124 : She desired to deie so pore that she wolde not leue one peny to her doughter and to her owne [body] atte [her] laste ende were lapped in a straunge suayre [L sindone].
  • Note: Sense 2.(a).
    Note: New spelling.