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strō̆nd(e n.(1)
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(a) Land abutting on the sea, a river, or other body of water, a shore, bank, coast; also fig.; bi strete and ~, in lond in (and) ~, in every place; (b) in cpds. & combs.: forest ~, a wooded shore; se ~ [OE sǣ-strand], water ~, seashore; to the ~ ward, toward the shore; (c) pl. the waters near a coast [cp. L litora, but could also be construed as strond(e n.(2) 1.(d)].
Law The shore in contrast to land not abutting on the sea, rivers, etc., or in contrast to the sea, rivers, etc.; -- used in formulaic expressions of the extent of a liberty: (a) bi ~ and bi lond, bi lond and bi ~, etc.; (b) on ~ and on strem, bi water and bi ~, etc.; (c) ~ and den (?dene), den (?dene) and ~, the fisherman's right to use the shore and inlets.
A country, land, region.
In surnames, names of churches, and place names [see Smith PNElem.2.162].