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strōken v.
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Note: Cp. streken v.(2), striken v.
(a) To caress (sb., a part of someone's body), fondle; pat (someone's head); rub or massage (a bodily part); rub (someone's hair, one's beard); (b) to pet (an animal); smooth (an animal's hair); smooth the feathers of (a bird); stroke (a bird with one's sleeve); (c) to pass over the body of (sb. with sth.); run one's hand over (a weapon); (d) to brush or rub against (sth.); (e) ~ abouten, ?to rub or smear (sth.) with a substance; ~ up, ?push up (a hood); (f) ~ treuth, to make a pledge [cp. striken v. 12.(b)]; (g) glossing ML affulare [quot. prob. belongs to (a), (b), or (c)]; (h) glossing AL affilare: ?to sharpen (sth.) [cp. ME filouren v.]; (i) in surnames.