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strēken v.(1)
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(a) To lie stretched out, be extended; refl. to extend over a given area; (b) to stretch out (one's limbs) in a recumbent position; ppl. streked, prostrate, prone; (c) to fall prostrate; (d) to lay out (a corpse) for burial.
(a) To reach out; stretch out (one's hand, arm, etc.), extend; also fig.; of an animal or a bird: stretch out (its neck); ~ oute (forth); ~ doun, force down (the stiffened arms of a corpse); (b) to stretch (sth.), extend, lay out at length; also fig.; also, pitch (a tent).
(a) To extend in a certain direction, stretch [2nd quot. may belong to sense 4.(b)]; also fig.; (b) fig. to extend (one's wrath).
(a) To go quickly, proceed rapidly, rush; refl. betake oneself; ~ forth; (b) of a river: to flow, run [quot. may belong to sense 3.(a)].