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stǒmblen v.
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(a) Of a person, an animal: to stumble; trip; walk unsteadily; stagger so as to keep from falling; also in fig. contexts; (b) ~ at, to trip over (sth.); bump into (sth.); ~ at rishe and rote, trip over everything, go nowhere; ~ ayen, bump into (sth.); ~ in (to), fall into (sth.); ~ middes of, stumble into the middle of (sth.); ~ on (upon), trip over (sth.); -- sometimes in fig. contexts; (c) to fall down; fall in battle; ~ adoun (doun); (d) ~ on hors, to lose (one's) balance on horseback; (e) ~ ayenes (on), of a vehicle or wheel: to collide against (sth.), run over; (f) in proverbs and prov. expressions.
(a) To trip morally; sin; be confused; err in judgment or action; ~ in, fall into (sin); ~ upon min ouen train, compound my own confusion; (b) to blunder in speaking, make a verbal slip; also, of a person or pen: blunder in written expression; ~ forth, write in an awkward or a blundering manner; (c) ?to dip haphazardly (into tales); (d) scapen stomblinge doun, to become impetuous, turn out to be rash.
In phrase: ~ doun, to bring (sb.) to ruin; destroy (sth.), confound; overthrow (death).