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steven(e n.(1)
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(a) The voice of a human being; a voice; also, a vocal sound; in o ~, with o (on) ~, in unison; mid (with) stille ~, silently; (b) the voice of God or of the Holy Ghost; also, a heavenly voice; the voice of Christ from heaven; (c) the sound or tonal pattern characteristic of and distinctive to an individual's voice; also, a characteristic manner of speaking [quot. a1450, 2nd]; (d) a particular tone, quality, intonation, etc. of the voice; -- used with qualifying adjectives.
(a) A sound; a noise; an outcry; also, the sound of a horn; (b) the sound(s made in pronouncing a person's name; (c) a melody, tune; a song; (d) the characteristic sound made by an animal or a bird; also, the song of a bird taken as a meaningful utterance [quot. c1395].
(a) A prayer; a petition; (b) an utterance, usu. meaningful: a statement; an exposition; a vow, promise, etc.; instruction, teaching; also, a saying [quot. a1450]; chirche ~; (c) a language, tongue; (d) a reputation; fame.
(a) The physical ability to speak; (b) the right to speak.