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stal(le n.
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(a) An enclosed or partially enclosed place for keeping a domesticated animal, a stall; a stable; also in fig. context [quot.: ?a1425]; also in proverbs and prov. expressions; asse (oxe) ~; (b) a place for catching fish, esp. a pool of standing water in a stream where a net can be placed; ~ bot, a kind of fishing boat placed at anchor at the mouth of a river; ~ net; (c) a particular place within a structure; an enclosed space; stalles of estat, places of dignity or high rank, ?court.
A booth, bench, table, etc. used for selling merchandise, changing money, butchering, etc.; ~ site lether, ?leather cured cheaply at a vending stall; flesh ~.
(a) A compartment or seat in the choir of a church; also, the observance of singing the divine office in a church choir [last quot.]; (b) a seat of honor; a throne; also fig.; also, an ordinary bench or seat [quot.: c1460]; bishop ~, a bishop's raised seat; heven ~, the throne of heaven; king(es ~.
(a) A fixed place; a position; a rallying point or position of unwavering resistance; bi stepe and ~, anywhere and everywhere; bi (in) strete and ~, everywhere; in ~ or stede, in any place whatsoever; in stede and (in) ~, everywhere; in any place whatsoever; always, in every situation; on stede or on ~, in any place whatsoever, under any circumstances; bringen to durham ~, to translate (bones) to Durham; (b) bringen to ~, to settle an affair; also, subdue (sb.); bring (sth.) to a conclusion; drauen a (?on) ~, come to a standstill, hold firm; grounden (holden, maken, werken) ~, hold firm, make a stand, stand one's ground; kepen a (the) ~, kepen at ~, make a stand, hold firm; stonden in ~, remain in place; hold position; taken ~, make a stop; taken a tre to ~, use a tree for fortification.
In phrases with stonden v.: help, use, avail; stonden (in) no ~, ne stonden ~, to be of no use; stonden gret ~, be of great help, be a tower of strength; stonden him muchel (no) ~, be of much (no) use to him; stonden in litel ~, stand (sb.) in little stead; stonden muchel in ~, be of much use, avail much.
(a) The act of standing; (b) a standing position; maken (reisen) on ~, to lift up (an elephant) to a standing position; stonden in ~, remain in a standing position; also fig.
(a) A state, condition; (b) fig. in epithet for the Virgin; -- perh. with pun on sense 1. (a).
A band of armed men, esp. one posted in a particular place for ambush; a troop or company of soldiers; fliinge ~, a mobile body of troops able to move rapidly to any part of the battlefield as needed.
In misc. cpds.: (a) hed ~, part of a horse's harness fitting on the head; (b) fot ~, ?a track or print.
(a) In surnames; (b) in place names [see Smith PNElem.2.142, 150].