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stāken v.
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Note: Cp. steken v.
(a) To stake out (a boundary), determine; mark (land); ~ oute; (b) to fix (pointed stakes) in a defensive line; fortify (a position) with pointed stakes; ~ up; (c) ppl. staked, fastened to a stake; also, supported by a stake; (d) to run (sb.) through with a pointed weapon, impale; fix (a head) on a stake; ~ on piles, be punctured by pointed stakes; ppl. staked, fig. tormented.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1500 Ashm.750 Artist.Recipes (Ashm 750) 254/27 : Draw owt þi skyn to þe fawre leggys, and hang hem vp to drye, and stak hem, chalk hem, and wyth hem, and payr hem.
  • a1500 Sln.3548 Artist.Recipes (Sln 3548) 310/20 : Put þe skynnes þeryn..and þen take and wasch hem clene and dry hem, and shaue hem, and stake hem.
  • Note: ?New sense.
    Note: Glossary: "stak(e v. imp. 'work (a skin) on a polyng stake (to soften it)'." Cf. new cpd. under pullinge ger.
    Note: Cf., too, OED stake, v.1, sense 6 with 19th c. leather manufacturing quot.: 'The tawed skins, when dry, are 'staked', that is stretched, scraped, and smoothed by friction against the blunt edge of a semi-circular knife.' See also the description and illustrations in R. A. Salaman's Dictionary of Leather-Working Tools.