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spinnen v.
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(a) To twist raw fiber into thread, spin; ppl. spinninge, engaged in spinning, while spinning; (b) to spin (thread); twist (raw fiber) into thread; also fig.; twist (horsehair) into rope; make (rope); also, make (cloth) by weaving threads; ~ oute, make (cloth) by weaving threads loosely; -- also without obj.; ~ rokke, empty a distaff of fiber; ppl. spunnen, spun; (c) to spin thread into (clothes, a coat, etc.); also fig.; (d) of spiders: to spin (threads, a web); of silkworms: make (silk); ppl. spinninge as noun, in phrase: spinninge web, one who spins a web, a spider; (e) in proverbs and prov. expressions; also, ppl. spunnen as adj.
Of the fates: to determine (someone's destiny); also, predestine the future.
(a) To move frenziedly; ~ in, plunge into (sth.); ~ oute, thrust out; also, refl. rush ahead; ~ to, rush at (sb.); (b) of blood: to gush; ~ oute, spurt out; ppl. spinninge as adj.: gushing; (c) of plants: to shoot up.