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sō̆rt(e n.
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(a) A group of people, animals, vices, etc.; a company, troop, band; a cohort; a god ~, a great many; in (a) ~, on a ~, of ~, in a group, together; in ~ with, in common with, like; (b) a kind or variety of person or animal.
(a) A group, class, or category of items; (b) a kind or variety of thing; a pattern, design; of a (on) ~, of one pattern, matching; (c) a discrete collection (of goods, etc.), selection, consignment, batch
?Way, manner; ? = sort n.(1); on the ~, ?in any way; ?because of the fate.

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Note: For sense 2.(c), cp. OED sort n.2, sense 17(e) as well as MED sort n.(2) (= OED sort n.3), 'a certain amount (of fruit, etc.),' = DMLBS sors, sortus, sorta n., 9b ('set, group') and 6b ('unit of measure for ... fruit'). Though MED follows OED in distinguishing between sort n.(1) 'allotment,' sort n.(2) 'unit of measure for fruit,' and sorte n. 'set, group,' DMLBS treats all three under the same entry.