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slitten v.
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Note: Cp. toslitten v.
(a) To split (sb., an animal, part of the body) with a knife or other weapon, cleave, split open; ~ doun; ~ oute, cut (unborn children) out of the womb; -- also without obj.; (b) to make an incision; make an incision in (the skin, flesh, a vein, etc.); make an incision within (a wound); split (the skin); lance (a sore), lay open; (c) to cut (sth.), split, divide; also fig.; slice (vegetables, fruit); ppl. slitting, fig. piercing, shrill; ppl. slitte, cut, sliced; of clothes: torn; also, decorated with slashes; of shoes: decorated with slashes; of leaves: naturally divided; of a food dish: containing sliced vegetables; (d) to bite (sb.); (e) to wear (sth.) out, impair by wearing; (f) in surname.