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slingen v.
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Note: Cp. inslingen v., slengen v.
(a) To throw (sb. or sth., esp. into a place or in a specified direction), hurl, fling; also, fell (an adversary) in battle; also, raze (a city); ~ abouten, swing (sb.) around; ~ doun (forth, oute, under, up); (b) to throw (sth.) away, discard; fig. discard (sb.), reject; ~ awei; (c) to hurl or fling oneself; (d) leten ~, to let fly (a blow); (e) to utter (words) contemptuously.
(a) To throw (a stone) with a sling; also, fire (a crossbow bolt); (b) to throw stones or other missiles with a sling; (c) to strike down (sb., a bird) with a stone thrown from a sling; (d) to strike (sb.); (e) to beat (the white of an egg).