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slight adj.
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(a) Flat, smooth; also, hairless; ~ ston, a stone used for smoothing, a sleekstone [cp. slike-ston n.]; (b) unimportant, trivial; (c) of poor quality, flimsy; (d) slender; (e) in surnames.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1425 *Medulla (Stnh A.1.10)4a/b : Amechon [Pep: Ameton]: a chylkestone [Pep: a slyke stone].
Note: New form from the Add 24640 manuscript (sligh-), but the Add 24640 manuscript needs to be quoted instead of the Stnh A.1.10.
Note: If the Add manuscript quot. is taken, it belongs to sense (a); if not, this supplement entry can be dropped.--notes per MLL