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sitthe adv.
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(a) Afterward, after that, then; subsequently, since then; (b) ~ after (hider-ward, til this time), from that time until now; al-weies (ever) ~, ever afterward, ever since; longe ~, long afterward, long since; neuer ~, never since; (c) ago; ~ a (gret) while, a (great) while ago; ~ gon ful longe (yore, mani a dai), longe ~, mani (a) dai ~, long ago; (d) next in sequence, next in place or position; -- usu. with adv. or ordinal: erest (first)..~, first..then, first..next, first..second; nexte..~, next..then; first on and ~ another, first one and then another.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • ?a1425 Cmb.Dd.6.29 Artist.Recipes (Cmb Dd.6.29) 70/3 : Furste þu schal make a plum tras, and seiþe drawe hit with roset.
  • ?a1425 Cmb.Dd.6.29 Artist.Recipes (Cmb Dd.6.29) 70/18 : Ley oon beed furst and let hit driȝe, and seeþe anoþer and let hit driȝ.
  • ?a1425 Cmb.Dd.6.29 Artist.Recipes (Cmb Dd.6.29) 71/28 : Orpement schal be firste gronde in a brasen mortar and seeþ on a molur.
  • Note: Additional quots., sense (d). New spellings (seiþe & seeþ(e ).