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sīse n.(1)
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(a) A court session held at intervals in each county by judges commissioned by the king and sitting together with knights of the county, an assize court; -- also pl.; also used of a Roman court of law; gret ~, fig. the Last Judgment; (b) a judgment of an assize court, esp. setting standards for commodities, rents, etc.; setten on ~, to put (a law) into effect; (c) quantity, size; length, stature; also, correct size, proper size; a fixed, prescribed marching pace; (d) manner, method, custom; also, the proper manner, normal way; also, style [1st quot., which may belong to assise n.]; setten in ~, to set (sth.) in order, keep in control; (e) a decision; a stipulated reward; setten ~, to make a determination, come to a decision.