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singlē̆r(e adj.
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(a) Special; having a special purpose; unusual; connen ~ thank, to owe (sb.) special thanks; (b) excellent; unsurpassed; extraordinary.
(a) Individual, single; any [quot.: c1500]; separate, distinct [quot.: c1475]; specific, particular [quot.: a1500]; of God: one, singular; also, as adv.: separately, one by one [quot.: c1450]; bor ~ [cp. OF porc sengler], a boar four years old or more living apart from the herd [cp. singler n.]; (b) sole, exclusive; also, as adv.: merely [2nd quot.]; (c) conducted between individuals; ~ bataille, single combat; (d) gram. singular.
(a) Personal, private; (b) holding no office; (c) ?eccentric, individualistic.