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shā̆mel n.
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(a) A footstool; also fig.; also, the raised section of the floor on which the altar stands, a footpace [2nd quot.]; ~ of fet, fot ~ [OE fōt-sceamol]; bok ~, a bookstand; (b) a bench, table, or stall used for vending; the market place, esp. a place where meat is butchered and sold; -- also pl.; ~ hous, a slaughterhouse; flesh-shameles, q.v.; (c) a rent or tax charged for using a vending stall; ~ tol, a fee charged for selling meat from a public stall; (d) ?the wooden frame used to harness a horse to a cart; ?a part of a cart wheel; (e) in surnames; (f) in place names [see Smith PNElem.26. 100].