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sester n.
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Note: Cp. sextari(e n.
(a) A vessel for holding liquid; ?a brewing vat [2nd quot.]; (b) a liquid measure; ~ ful; (c) a dry measure; (d) ~ peni, an annual tax imposed upon commercial brewers of beer.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • (c1273) Hundred R.Tower 2787b : Debet metere ad ij bederipp..& dabit tollcester.
  • (1301) Pipe R.Chs.in LCRS 92204 : Pro quadam custuma dicta Tolcestre de Haliwell..xxvj s. viij d.
  • Note: New spellings: -cester and -cestre. Note that both of these are in compounds.--per MLL
    Note: Add compound tol ~ and quots to sense (d).--per MLL
    Note: See MED tol n.(1), sense 3.: ~ sester = a toll on the brewing and selling of beer, usu. paid with sesters, or measures of beer.