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scot n.(2)
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Note: Cp. scat n., shat n.
(a) Payment for provision of food or drink at a social gathering, at a tavern, or to one's host or benefactor; one's share of such payment; paien ~; yeven ~, to contribute to a common feast; (b) a compulsory contribution made at a social gathering at which ale was served; scottes ale, = scot-ale n.(a); (c) fig. a payment for sin, penalty; (d) an aggregate.
(a) A royal tax or contribution, sometimes levied for support of the sheriff, his bailiffs, or royal bailiffs; ~ fre, exempt from such tax or contribution; (b) ~ and yeld, the right not to pay taxes, contributions, etc. to the king and other officials; (c) hundred ~ [see hundred n.3.(a)]; rome ~, Peter's pence [see also Rome n.2.(b)].
(a) Municipal charges and taxes; ~ and lot, lot and (et) ~; ad ~ et lot, at (in) lot and ~, on lot et on ~, etc., liable for or participating in paying one's share of such charges and taxes; paien (nouther) lot ne ~, paien neither to lot ne to ~, beren not to ~ and lot, to pay none of such charges and taxes; (b) habere lot et ~, to share; habere lot neque ~, not to share; (c) ~ peni, a municipal payment collected in a guild.
In place names [see Smith PNElem.2.113].