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Scot n.(1)
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(a) An inhabitant of Scotland; a native Scot; a Scottish soldier; -- sometimes used anachronistically; (b) in cpds. & combs.: ~ lede, Scotland; the Scots; ~ riveling, a derogatory nickname for a Scot; ~ thede, kingdom (land, reaume) of scottes, Scotland; ~ wade (water), the Firth of Forth; ~ ward, ?Scotland; ?= ~ wath, the Solway Firth; scottes king, king (prince) of scottes, the king of Scotland or of the Scots; langage of scottes, Gaelic; tame ~, a Lowland Scot; wilde ~, a Gaelic-speaking inhabitant of north or west Scotland, a Highland Scot; (c) as a term of abuse; (d) Scotland; -- also pl.; (e) an inhabitant of Ireland; also, a person, orig. Irish, who came to and settled in Scotland; ~ of ir-lond, irish ~, peple of scottes; (f) mistransl. of OF sot fool; (g) in surnames; (h) in place names [see Smith PN Elem.2.113].