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scailen v.
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Note: Cp. shailen v.
(a) Of persons: to separate, part company; scatter, disperse; (b) ben scailed, to be scattered or dispersed; (c) of vapor or smoke; to dissipate, disperse; (d) of hair: ?to disperse; ?flow or hang loosely.
(a) To dismiss (an assembly); (b) to loosen (sth.); pull down (sth.); knock down (a heap); -- used fig.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1500(1439) Lydg.Sts.AA (Lnsd 699)2137 : The erthe scaldid with fervence of the sonne, Heete on nyhtis was intollerable, Ther grew no frute, the schyes wer al donne, Greyn cam not vp, lond was nat arrable.
  • Note: New sense: intrans