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sāveǒur n.
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One who saves or rescues from peril, a deliverer; also, that which delivers someone from difficulties.
Theol.: (a) One who saves man from sin and the penalty for sin, a savior; -- freq. used as a title of God or Christ; oure ~; (b) in phrases: jesu (crist) oure ~, oure ~ (crist) jesu, oure ~ jesu crist, god oure (mi) ~, etc.; also in oaths and asseverations: bi seinte ~, etc.; (c) as a title of a pagan god or of Satan.
Eccl.: (a) The consecrated Host, the body of Christ in the Eucharist; asken (receiven) ~, to ask for (receive) the Eucharist; sen ~, see the Host, attend mass; yeven ~, give (sb.) the Host, admit (sb.) to the Eucharist; (b) an image of Christ above the altar; (c) seinte ~, the name of a church.
One who preserves; a conservator.