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savāǧe adj.
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(a) Of a person: wild, barbarous, uncivilized; of one's manner: rude; also as epithet; (b) of an animal or its nature: wild, not domesticated; untamed; (c) of land: wild, uncultivated; of a forest: dense, wild; (d) of a plant: uncultivated, wild; (e) of movement: uncontrolled, unrestrained; (f) of a tower: rugged, rough-hewn.
(a) Of a person: fierce; bold, valiant; also, cruel; also as epithet; (b) of an animal: ferocious, fierce; enraged; (c) of the sea, a stream, the world: violent; (d) of a sickness: severe, violent.
(a) Reckless, rash, foolish; (b) frenzied; demented, mad.
In surnames; savages in, an inn prob. owned by a person with this surname.