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bẹ̄ n.
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(a) A bee; esp., the honey bee (Apis mellifera); bike (gadering, swarm) of ben (bes), a swarm of bees; king of ben, king of the bees, i.e. the queen bee; bisi ~, as bisi as bes; (b) ~ drumbel, fals ~, long ~, male ~, a drone; common (smal, verrei) ~, a worker; feld ~, a wild bee of the fields; humbel ~, a bumble bee; tame ~, a tame bee; wod ~, a wild bee of the woods; (c) some bee-like insect.
~ bred, honeycomb with the honey; ~ herde, ~ man, a beekeeper; ~ hive, ben hive, a beehive; ~ honi, honey; ~ yerd, enclosure for bees, apiary.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1450 Liber Cophonis (Add 34111)33/189 : Tak þe biene..founden dede in þe hony and mak poudre and þe pouder of tartari and meng hem to gyder and strew vpon þe bare place.
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