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sāke n.
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Strife, discord, enmity; a dispute, cause for dispute; a legal dispute or action; o ~, ?in accusation; withouten ~, without cause for dispute, without legal cause.
Law: (a) The right to the profits and fines from the adjudication of disputes arising within the bounds of a specified landholding; the profit or fine itself; (b) in royal and official grants: ~ and soke (sokene), soke (sokene) and ~, etc., the right to adjudicate and to receive the profits and fines from disputes arising within a landholding [see also soke n.(1) 1.(b) & soken(e n.2.(b)]; (c) in cpds.: ?~ borgh, = sak-abor n.(a); ?~ man, a prosecutor, an accuser [cp. sense 5.]; (d) a right of jurisdiction [cp. soke n.(1) 1.(a)].
(a) Blame, guilt, sin; ~ and sinne, sinne and ~; (b) a sin, wrongful deed; (c) with ~, guilty; wrongfully; withouten ~, guiltless, innocent; innocently, without sin; also, without blemish; also, ?without omission or impropriety, ?as tag [quot.: c1330].
In phrases: for ~ (of; -- with personal pronoun or noun, of which the genitive ending may be elided: (a) for the benefit of (sb., a person's soul, etc.); also, to ~; (b) out of consideration or regard for (sb., a person's soul); (c) because of (sb.), on account of; (d) on (a person's) behalf, in (a person's) place; (e) with negative import: for (a person's, rabbit's) destruction or harm; out of enmity or disdain for (sb.).
In phrases: for godes (cristes) ~, for god (jesu, oure lord) ~, etc.: (a) out of love or consideration for (God, Christ), on behalf of, because of; also, ?in requital for (Jesus' death) [quot.: ?a1450(a1400)]; (b) as exclamation or tag.
In phrases: (a) for ~ (of, with pronoun or impersonal noun, of which the genitive ending may be elided: because of (sth.), on account of, as a result of; out of regard or consideration for (sth.); in requital or return for (sth.); also, as a form of (sth.) [quot: ?a1300]; (b) for that (what) ~, for that (what) reason.
?Merit; ?position of influence.
In place names [see Smith PNElem.2.92].