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russet n.
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(a) The color russet, grey or dull red, brown, etc., suitable for working clothes; (b) a serviceable woolen cloth, usu. of plain or subdued color & usu. worn by the poor or by workingmen (also by the Duke of Suffolk as a sea-cloak); a length of such cloth; (c) brod ~, russet cloth of double width; colchestre (cottenhames, cotoun, frensh) ~, a specific kind of russet; (d) a garment of russet.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

Note: ?The quots. with term 'roset' in the (1344) and (?1435) quots. in sense (b) may not belong to russet n.: the girdlers may be forbidden the making of ornamental buckles or attachments for the belts (straying into another craft's domain). 'Roset' here may be 'rosette'.--per MM
Note: There is no entry for 'roset' in the MED and tirlet n. (containing only the (1344) and (?1435) quots. is defined as "?Some kind of rich cloth [cp. russet n. (b)]". Perhaps tirlet is (or is related to) tillete n. (with only one quot.), defined as "A kind of cloth"--perhaps for making sails, since 12 yards of it are bought for a "spynas" (pinnace).
Note: In An Historical Account of the Worshipful Company of Girdlers, London, the author notes in reference to the (1344) quot.: "These ordinances are fairly simple to understand..The only point which really needs any elucidation is as to the working at roset or terlit, but though I have looked up several authorities on this point, so far I have not been able to ascertain what it means, but as it was forbidden to work at either of these two particular crafts, perhaps it does not much matter." (It matters very much to lexicographers!)--last two notes per MLL