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ruggen v.
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(a) To pull or stretch (sb. or sth.), tug at fiercely; -- also without obj.; also, torture (sb.) by pulling or stretching; (b) to drag (sb.); (c) to tear (sb. or sth.), tear (one's hair); ~ and renden, tear and rend (sb.); ~ in sonder, tear (sb. or sth.) apart; ~ of, pull (sth.) off, tear off; (d) ppl. rugginge as adj.: corroding, causing corrosion.
(a) To shake (sb. or sth.); (b) ~ at, ?to shake (sth.); ?tug at (sth.); ~ on, ?shake (sb.); ?pull (sb.); (c) to sway to and fro, shake, tremble; of weather: be disturbed, become stormy; (d) ?to struggle.