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rī̆pe n.(1)
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Note: Cp. rēpen v.(1)
(a) The action of reaping or harvesting; also, harvest time; barli ~; dai (time) of ~; (b) that which is reaped, harvest, fruit; a sheaf of grain; also, ?a bundle or lot of metalware [quot.: 1420-21]; (c) ~ gos, a free meal provided for those performing a boon service of reaping; ~ hok, a sickle, scythe; ~ man [OE rīp-mann, cp. Nhb. pl. hrīpemenn], a reaper, harvester; ~ reve, q.v.; ~ silver, a rent paid in lieu of a reaping service; ~ time [OE rīp-tīma], harvest time; bed ~, q.v.; reve ~, [see reve n.2.(c)]; (d) ?as surname.

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  • a1500 Add.37075 Gloss (Add 37075)40/171a : Maniplus: or a repe of a sheffe.
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    Note: ?handful--per REL