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barren v.
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(a) To secure (a gate, a door) with bars or a bolt; to bar, block, or bolt; ~ to; (b) to lock (a room); (c) to lock (sb.) up.
(a) To furnish (a window) with grating;(b) ?to make (a barrel) by joining the staves; ?close (a barrel) by inserting the boards of the head.
To surround (an area) with a barrier, such as a wall or a row of stakes; enclose.
Ppl. barred: (a) ornamented with strips (of gold, etc.); (b) striped; (c) her. marked with horizontal stripes.
Law (a) To debar or prevent (sb. from asserting or enjoying a right); ~ of right; (b) debar (sb. from bringing suit or claiming a right); ~ to axen, ~ to claimen; (c) debar or stay (legal action).
Eccl. To excommunicate.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • (a1387) Trev.Higd.(StJ-C H.1)8.265 : Honorius..chaungede þe coopes of frere Carmes into clene white, þat were toforehonde ray, barred, and beemed [L stragulatæ, radiatæ et birratæ].
Note: Additional quote(s) for sense 4.(b). Cp. raile adj.