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rē̆ǧiǒun(e n.
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(a) A kingdom, an empire, a realm; a country, nation, province; scotland ~, ~ of moab, ~ of jeues; (b) eccles. a district in Rome; (c) heaven; the realm of hell or the underworld; ~ of the shadwe of deth; (d) rule, sovereignty, dominion; also, influence of a planet; (e) the people of a country, a nation.
(a) A part of the world, area, territory; a rural area around a town or city, field, countryside; (b) in (thurgh) al regiounes, everywhere; in al this worldes ~, anywhere; in (of) every ~, anywhere, everywhere; in (thurgh) mani (a) ~, in mani sondri regiounes, in many (different) places; also, in many parts of the sea [quot.: Patience]; in no ~, nowhere, not anywhere; (c) a division of the earth defined by climate; climate [cp. climat n. 1.(c).]; (d) a division of the atmosphere; (e) a part of the body; also, a division of a vessel of urine; (f) from the ~, opposite [transl. of L e regione]; from the ~ of, opposite (sth.).