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redempciǒun n.
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(a) Theol. Salvation, redemption; maken ~, to effect redemption (of sb.); (b) moral reformation; (c) liberation from captivity or hell; also fig.; (d) deliverance from captivity or restraint for a price, ransom; also, release from a penalty for a price; maken ~, to effect ransom (of sb.); (e) release from death; withouten (ani) ~, without (any) possible deliverance from death; (f) forgiveness of sins.
(a) Making amends, atonement, expiation; (b) the clearing of an impost by a payment.
(a) Means of deliverance; theol. means of salvation; (b) a ransom payment or demand; also, war reparations; (c) law a fine paid to obtain pardon for a crime; (d) payment for membership in a craft or guild; (e) a kind of manorial payment; (f) Bibl. the offering made for the first-born.