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raun-trẹ̄ n.
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A rowan tree (Sorbus aucuparia).

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Note: Modify etymology: (Erik Bjökman, Scandinavian Loan-Words in Middle English Part 1, pg. 81 & fn.) "Norw. dial. raun (derived from *rauðn) 'mountain-ash'..The etymologies of raun, reynir, etc. given by Kuhn, Herabkunft des Feuers und Göttertranks p. 202, K.Z. XIII p. 62, Jessen, Et. Ordb. are erroneous. Norw. rogn 'a mountain-ash; is from O. Norw. raun, see Torp-Falk, Dansk-Norskens Lydhistorie p. 142. N. E. dial. ran-tre may be from the form (O. W. Scand. reynir = O. Swed. rone) which has suffered i=mutation.
Note: Cp. rōn n.(2).--notes per REL