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rak n.(2)
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(a) A rack, esp. for kitchen use; framework; a bar for hanging pots, etc.; a roasting spit or a support for a spit; fir ~; (b) a framework or rack for holding fodder for livestock, manger; -- also used as nonsense word [quot.: MSerm.Mol.]; ~ hous, ?a fodder station (for game); ~ staf, a piece of wood used in constructing a manger; maken ~ and maunger, to feed at a fodder rack; haven at ~ and maunger, keep (a woman), supply with the necessities of life.
(a) A frame on which cloth or skin was stretched to dry; ~ hokes, ?hooks on a stretching frame; (b) an instrument of torture, rack; (c) ?a pillory; -- mistransl. of OF eschielles n.pl.; (d) a pain, stitch.