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pō̆me n.
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(a) A fruit of any kind; ~ cedre, citron; ~ dorange, orange; ~ pere, a kind of pear shaped like an apple [cp. pere appel, pere n.(1) 1. (b)]; ~ water [cp. -wauter as in herbe-wauter], a kind of apple; ~ of paradis, a plantain or banana [cp. appel 1. (b)]; punical ~, the pomegranate; an epithet for the Virgin Mary; (b) a meatball made of veal, pork, or beef; pl. a dish made of such meatballs with a glaze of egg yolks, flour, etc., or sauce; ~ dori(s, ~ dorres, pomes dorre [cp. dorre, dori 1. (b)]; ~ de orange, ~ dorange, ?a dish of meat-balls with an orange or yellow glaze; pomes endored [cp. endoren v.]; ~ garnez, a dish composed of garnished meat-balls [cp. garnishen v. & OF garniz, ppl. of garnir]; pomes moile [see moile n.]; pomes molled, a pudding made of rice flour, almond milk, spices, etc. [cp. mollen v.]; ~ dorrile ? = ~ dori; ~ ring ? = ~ dorange; (c) an orb, globe.