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pīpen v.
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(a) To play on a pipe; also, blow a horn; also fig.; ~ on, play on!; ~ up, begin to play; (b) to play (music, a tune, song, etc.) on a pipe; ~ up, strike up (music); (c) of a mouse, frog, or bird: to utter a shrill, piping sound; peep, cheep, also, contemptuously or ironically: speak in a piping voice, squeak; (d) to utter (a squeak, peep, etc.); say (sth.) in a shrill or piping voice; (e) ppl. pipinge as adj.: ~ voice (wordes, etc.), shrill, high-pitched voice (words, etc.); ~ hot, so hot as to make a whistling sound, piping hot; ~ ipocrisie, feigned meekness; (f) in proverbs: ~ in (with) an ivi-lef, ~ in a red, to whistle in the wind; dauncen (hoppen) while the world will ~, make merry as long as one lives; ~ with lesse, be content with less.