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picchen v.
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Note: Cp. piken v.(1).
(a) To thrust (sth.), drive (a stake, etc.); ~ in (o, to, into), stick, thrust, or drive (sth.) into (sth.); surround (a wood) with a palisade [quot.: a1450, 1st]; (b) to pierce (sb. or sth.), stab, impale; crucify (sb.); afflict or irritate (sb., a part of the body); ~ thurgh; ~ togeder, transfix (sb. to sth.); ppl. picchinge, prickly, stinging; ben pight to, be crucified; (c) to set (sth.) firmly in place, fix, embed; fasten (sth.), attach, affix; plant (a tree); hitch (oxen to a plow); errour is pight into me, error is attributed to me; (d) to put or place (sb. or sth.); ben pight, be placed; ben pight in, be put into (a place, a kennel, prison, one's soul or heart), be placed in (sb.); ppl. pight, placed; pight in, placed in (filth); wallowing in; pight among, placed among (men); (e) ~ in, to put (sb. or sth.) in (a state or condition); -- also refl.; (f) ~ in, to reside in (sth., the heart), be fixed in; ben pight in (upon), be innate in (sth., the heart); ppl. pight in, innate in (a bird); (g) ~ in (on), to fix (one's love) on (sb.), set (one's heart) on (sth.); ben pight in, be devoted to (God), be confirmed in (arrogance); ppl. pight on, fixed or set on (sth.); pight in, ?attentive to (your saying), obedient to (your word); (h) ppl. pight, of a sign of the zodiac: not characterized by a changing of the seasons, as winter to spring, etc.
(a) To set up, build, erect (a tower, pillar, cross, shelter, castle, etc.); set (a sail); (b) ~ paviloun (tabernacle, tent), to pitch a tent, esp. in preparation for a battle or siege; make camp, settle; also fig.; (c) to establish or found (sth.); appoint (sb.); ~ justice, pass judgment; ~ terme, set a time; (d) to turn (sb.) into (sth.); make (sb. proud).
(a) To array or adorn (sb. or sth.); set (sth.) with gems, bejewel; also fig.; (b) to prepare or provide (sb. or sth.) with weapons, equipment, ornaments, people, etc.; of bodi pight, well-built.
(a) To throw (sb. or sth.), hurl, cast; pitch hay; ~ and paien, pay cash; ~ doun hand, pledge; ~ on, aim a blow at (sb.); ~ pite, shed mercy (on sb.); ppl. heigh pight, uplifted; withouten pight, cast out; (b) to be thrown, fall violently; of land: descend precipitously.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1475 Limn.Bks. (Brog 2.1:Clarke) 197/15 : Caste jn ȝour aschys in the lede..caste hem in a fatte besyde, and temper hit with the same lycoure..tyll þat ȝour lye be stronge, and let hit pyche well tyll hit be clere.
  • Note: Glossary: "pyche v. inf. 'settle'."
    Note: New sense.
    Note: Cf. OED pitch, v.2, sense 17. intransitive. 'To settle downwards, subside; spec. (of particles in a liquid) to settle, to compact.'