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pēse n.
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(a) The edible seed of the pea plant (Pisum sativum); (b) grei ~, a variety of edible pea; grene ~, the immature seed of the pea plant; whit ~, a variety of edible pea; (c) benen and pesen, pesen and benen, peas and beans; also meager fare; col and ~, ~ and col, cabbage and peas; monotonous fare; (d) in proverbs, etc.
In cpds. and combs.: (a) ~ bred, bread made from pease meal; ~ hole, the seedpod of the pea; ~ lof, a loaf made from pease meal; ~ mele, meal made of peas, pease meal; (b) ~ bough, a spray of the pea plant; ~ cornfeld, ~ feld, a field of pea plants; ~ flour, the flower of the pea plant; ~ harvest, the time for harvesting peas; ~ lond, land planted with peas; ~ mong, peas grown in mixture with some other plant or plants; ~ rek, a stack of harvested pea plants; ~ ris, ris ~, a stack of harvested pea plants; also, a stalk of the pea plant; ~ strau, straw composed of the dried stalks of pea plants; ~ wif, (?~ whif), ?a bunch of harvested pea plants; ~ wort, a pea plant; stouke ~, a shock of harvested pea plants.
(a) An amount equal to a pea; the size or shape of a pea; (b) something of little value; counten at a ~, to consider (sb.) worthless; ne yeven a ~ for (of), care nothing for (sb., sth.); not the valour of a ~, not at all; not worth (half) a ~, completely worthless; profiten a ~, be of little profit to (sb.); setten not a ~ bi, care nothing for (sth.); the charge of a ~, the worth of a pea; worthen never ~, be completely worthless.
(a) In pl.: the eggs of fish or frogs; (b) a small infected lump in diseased pork; (c) a stone in an animal's stomach.
(a) In surnames; (b) in place names [see Smith PNElem. 2.66].