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pastūr(e n.
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(a) Land on which animals graze, pastureland; a field, pasture; (b) commune ~, ~ commune, shared pastureland; feint ~, poor pasture; gentil ~, excellent pasture; worthi to ~, good as pastureland; (c) a place of spiritual nurture or comfort; a place of reward, heaven; also, a place of confinement, hell; fat ~, rich pasture; (d) in the name of a tenement.
(a) Food for animals, forage, fodder [sometimes difficult to distinguish from sense 1.]; after the ~, according to the food; to mi ~, for my food; (b) spiritual nourishment.
(a) The feeding of animals, putting animals to pasture, allowing animals to graze; also, the right to pasture animals; also fig.; commune of ~, the right to shared use of pastureland; (b) the action of grazing, feeding; also fig.; ben at ~, to feed; comen to ~, come for feeding.
In surname & place names [see Smith PNElem.2.60].