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awẹ̄lden v.
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(a) To control, rule, govern, command; rule (a country); command (an army); have control of (one's body, desire, etc.), guide (one's) actions; wield (a weapon), manage (a horse); (b) to conquer, overcome; conquer (an adversary), capture (a city); subdue (the flesh, desire); ~ to dethe, put (sb.) to death.
(a) To have the strength or power (to do sth.), be able to manage; (b) to exert one's influence over (sb.), win over, persuade.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • (a1398) *Trev.Barth.(Add 27944)102b/b : He schulde take more þan he myȝte awelde but he were refreyned in gouernaunce of diete by a phisician wijs & waar.
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