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panāricium n.
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An inflamed swelling around a fingernail; ?also, an abdominal aposteme.

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Note: DMF s.v. PANARIS, subst. masc. [GDC : panaris ; FEW VII, 535b : panaricium ; TLF XII, 852b : panaris]. MÉD. 'Panaris' : Panarice, c'est ung apostume chault douloureux en la racine de l'ongle (GORDON, Prat., c.1450-1500, I, 27). Panaric est apposteme (...) engendré environ la racine des ungles. (PANIS, Guidon, 1478, tr.II, doct.2, chap.4). v. aussi panarition." Cp. DMLBS s.v. paronychium.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

Note: Med., etc., see further J.Norri, Dictionary of Medical Vocabulary, s.v. panaricium.