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avail(e n.
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Note: Cp. vaile.
(a) Benefit, advantage, profit; ben ~, to be useful or effective; ben litel ~, to be of little value; (b) of persons: worthiness.
Law Validity; in non ~, of no effect, void.
Mil. (a) Auxiliary troups; (b) a reserve, a supporting force.
(a) Monetary gain, income, profit; reward, remuneration; (b) a spiritual reward.
(a) commune ~, public benefit or profit, the common good; singuler (privat) ~, one's own advantage, personal benefit, private gain; (b) comen to non ~, to result in no gain, come to nothing; don ~, to do (one's) best; haven at ~, to have (sb.) at a disadvantage; stonden to ~, to be of aid or benefit to (sb.); (c) to ~, as an advantage or benefit; to litel ~, with little result; to the most ~, to the best advantage, most profitably; (d) for our (thin) ~, for our (your) benefit; to his ~, for his use or benefit; etc.